We have spent alot of time and effort innovating the technology in our sticks and equipment. 


Dual Core: 

The standard 'Dual Core' structures has 2 channels in the stick, which is great for players who have trouble with their touch.


Tri Core:

The 'Tri Core' structures adds a 3rd channel to the stick meaning a more powerful strike for those who use it.

Quad Core:

Our unique 'Quad Core' structure has 4 channels in the stick which enhances your striking power.


Touch Face:

Our longstanding 'Touch Face' technology helps soften your touch and enhance your control without compromising your hitting power.

Reinforced Backhand:

This new technology allows you to reverse confidently without damaging your stick, meaning your stick will last much longer and hit much harder!



 We want to give your hands a rest, with our Anti-Vibration technology you can hit a ball as hard as you like without your hands having to pay for it. 



Concaved Face:

The 'Concaved Face' helps control the ball as well as lift it, without compromising your hit.

Carbon Armour:

Weaved carbon structure allows for maximum power when hitting the ball.



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