About us

Hi, we're Uber Hockey. Straight to it, how are we different?

We make top quality sticks like many brands.

We offer 100% carbon sticks, like many brands.

We offer quad core sticks like, well ok that's just us. But the main thing is;

We listen.

We listen to what our customers want and we work our offering towards that.

We don't replace our range every year for the sake of it. When we launch new products its because we have something new and great to offer, and we commit to it. Not just a new colour with updated graphics.

We know players want to have the latest stick but also don't want to splash out each Summer.

In the same way that retailers don't want to commit to a line and then have it replaced after a 6 month season with the same sticks that have just been tarted up with a new paint job and a snazzier name.

We grow our ranges by launching exciting products and then filling in gaps where they appear based on customer feedback and demand.

Our customers come first. If you have an issue we're always here to help. Whether it's sizing a stick for a youngster or discussing sponsorship as you're on track to make the Olympic squad. Just give us a shout.

We love to talk hockey and especially hearing with people using our products!

And not forgetting... We're cool, of course.

We're Uber.



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